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Foot Definition

There is enormous support for quick, low-interest loans to help companies get back on their feet after a disaster. After the redundancies, about a fifth of the workers immediately landed on their feet, getting jobs at a local start-up company. She dreamed she saw someone standing at the foot of her bed. Lanterns and signs warned motorists to drive straight through, and train passengers who stepped foot onto the platform were forced to quarantine for up to five days or risk jail time.

Foot Definition

If you’re able to safely trim your toenails yourself, doing so properly will help you avoid getting an ulcer or foot sore. Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider to see if it’s safe for you to perform routine toenail care. Don’t sit with your legs crossed or stand in one position for long periods of time. If the skin on your feet feels rough or dry, use lotion or oil. Here are a few foot care habits you can adopt and try to do every day.

Moisturize dry skin

The part of a sock, stocking, etc. that covers the foot. A corresponding part of the leg in vertebrate animals.

  • Loss of Limb means loss by physical severance of a hand at or above the wrist or of a foot at or above the ankle.
  • Most people know to avoid hot pavement or sandy beaches, but even walking barefoot around the house can cause sores or injuries that can get infected.
  • The part of a sock, stocking, etc. that covers the foot.
  • Never buy tight shoes hoping they will stretch.
  • A face, b body or shank, c point size, 1 shoulder, 2 nick, 3 groove, 4 foot.
  • Check the water temperature with your fingers or elbow before putting your feet in.

The plane climbed quickly to a height of 30,000 feet. Больше примеров Twelve inches are equal to one foot. These example sentences are selected automatically from various https://accounting-services.net/ online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘foot.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Foot Problems and Care Home

Wear clean, dry socks, or non-binding pantyhose. Avoid socks or hosiery with seams that can cause additional pressure points or are too tight on the leg. Do not wear shoes made out of plastic or other materials that do not breathe. Cut straight across rather than in a curved fashion to help prevent ingrown toenails. Never use them on your feet without your doctor’s approval. Sporophyte with foot reduced, the entire sporophyte enveloped by the calyptra, which is ± stipitate at the base. The bottom edge of a sail.To make the mainsail fuller in shape, the outhaul is eased to reduce the tension on the foot of the sail.

Loss of Footmeans severance at or above the ankle joint. “Loss of Hand” means severance at or above the wrist joint. Loss of Footmeans the foot is cut off through or above the ankle joint. The forefoot Foot Definition contains the five toes and the five longer bones . Insulin prices are creating financial hardships for many people with diabetes. California plans to manufacture its own insulin to help lower costs.

Scientific definitions for foot

It varied in length from country to country, from city to city, and sometimes from trade to trade. Its length was usually between 250 mm and 335 mm and was generally, but not always, subdivided into 12 inches or 16digits. This article is about the unit of measure. For sizing of the human foot, see Shoe size. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. The part of the leg on which a person or animal stands or walks.

What does crookedness mean?

crookedness noun [U] (BEING BENT)

the fact that something is not straight or regular in shape: the crookedness of his teeth. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Bending, twisting and curving.

When foot has this meaning, its usual plural is feet. The lower extremity of the vertebrate leg that is in direct contact with the ground in standing or walking.

Metric foot

These include the three cuneiform bones, the cuboid bone, and the navicular bone. Caring for your feet is essential when you have type 2 diabetes. Learn about 10 products to make it easier.

Foot Definition

For example, an iambic foot has an unstressed followed by a stressed syllable. The length of the international foot corresponds to a human foot with shoe size of 13 , 14 , 15.5 or 48 . Historically the “foot” was a part of many local systems of units, including the Greek, Roman, Chinese, French, and English systems.

set foot on

ˈfootsore adjective with painful feet from too much walking. A foot is also a unit for measuring length, equal to 12 inches or 30.48 centimetres.

Foot Definition

Nowadays, high heels can and often do cause foot problems as well as knee, hip, and back pain. Too narrow shoes make the big toe bend outward, forming a bunion or swollen big-toe joint. Some shoes scrunch up the smaller toes, causing claw or hammer toes with painful corns or calluses on the tops of these toes. Shoes, first and foremost, should fit the feet. The barleycorn, inch, ell, and yard were likewise shrunk, while rods and furlongs remained the same.

ˈfootlight noun a light which shines on the actors etc from the front of the stage. If someone goes somewhere on foot, they walk, rather than using some form of transport. Put one’s foot in one’s mouth, to make an embarrassing blunder.

  • The parsing of syllables into prosodic constituents, which are used to determine the placement of stress in languages along with the notions of constituent heads.
  • The United Kingdom was unaffected by this problem, as the retriangulation of Great Britain (1936–62) had been done in meters.
  • Choose comfortable, well-fitting shoes with plenty of room, especially in the toe box.
  • Paying for something is footing the bill, and footing up a column of numbers is adding them up.
  • The government will foot the bill for half of the venue’s operating expenses; ticket sales will cover the rest.
  • To walk, dance, or run on, over, or through; tread.
  • This is the British English definition of foot.View American English definition of foot.

Most people know to avoid hot pavement or sandy beaches, but even walking barefoot around the house can cause sores or injuries that can get infected. Following good foot care habits will go a long way toward keeping your feet healthy. If you have diabetes, nerve damage, circulation problems, and infections can lead to serious foot problems. However, you can take precautions to maintain healthy feet. Cosmetic surgery on the feet done purely to permit the person to wear fashionable shoes runs a serious risk of producing more harm than good. The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society advises against cosmetic surgery on the feet. A unit of length in the US Customary System equal to1 /3 of a yard or 12 inches (30.48 centimeters).

If you’re physically unable to inspect your own feet, use a mirror or ask someone to help. Contact your doctor immediately if you discover any sores, redness, cuts, blisters, or bruises. You can help prevent serious foot problems by following a good foot care regimen. Angiosome-targeted infrapopliteal endovascular revascularization for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. A unit of measure for organ pipes equal to the wavelength of two octaves above middle C, approximately 328 mm. A short foot-like projection on the bottom of an object to support it.The feet of the stove hold it a safe distance above the floor.

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Foot Cream and Lotion Market Report Biggest Key Players are Johnson & Johnson, L’OCCITANE, The Body Shop.

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